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Liz Costa // Director of Diversity & Inclusion CompuCom

DAN MCGURRIN // Director of Executive Education NC State

SIMON T. BAILEY // International Speaker, Author & Coach Simon T. Bailey International, Inc.

TRACY STERNBURG // Director of Programs & Sponsorships NC Technology Association

Raven Solomon was a phenomenal keynote speaker for our first ever Virtual Convention, PIVOT 2020

Originally booked as a convention keynote, when we transitioned to a virtual format, she not only stuck with us she also eagerly made additions to her scheduled session on generational diversity to include timely elements of social justice and inclusivity into the discussion. By utilizing the virtual platform, high energy, and positive attitude she engaged our participants to the highest possible level. Her session was dynamic, relevant, timely, and thought-provoking! We could not have asked for more!

Jody Brooks  //  Vice President of Professional Development | Louisiana Credit Union League

Picture this... a room full of IT Corp professionals spanning more than 4 Generations... all awaiting the entry of one person

Our keynote speaker to "enlighten" us all on the generation gaps and most likely preparing ourselves to hear what we may have all heard before. BUT in floats Raven Solomon and she INSTANTLY captures the room and engages the crowd with her energy, smile, wit, and "we are all friends here" personality! Presenting to a packed room, Raven captured the room with her knowledge, in-depth research, and her ability to make it all relevant to EACH OF THE 4 generations represented in the room! I walked away wanting to hear and learn more so had to purchase the book but even more so... excited and ready for her next book and (hopefully) next visit to our office! Thanks, Raven!!! If looking for a way to continue to bridge that generational gap or spark the dialogue that needs to occur in every office setting, Raven should be the first stop!

Abeni Ofunniyin //  Sr. Project Lead Metlife

I was serving as the timekeeper for the Raven Solomon Generational Leadership keynote speech

I had 3 signs – 15 mins before stop, 5 mins before stop, and times up. I raised the 1st warning sign with no objection; however when I raised the 5 mins left sign, the participants around me said “PUT that sign down and let Raven finish! This is the best presenter we’ve had all day – give her more time”. Needless to say, the timekeeper gave her more time (based on the “threats” received 😊). The 80 mins just blew by because Raven was so engaging and the topic on generational difference and the led language is key to moving teams forward!

Erica Brown  //  Conference Chair/Truck & Bus Portfolio Leader | Michelin

I had never given much thought to the impact generations have in the workplace – on the way we give and receive feedback, the way we communicate, and our openness to new and innovative ideas

After meeting with Raven once, we knew she was something special. She approaches leadership through the lens of generations and provides clear and tactical examples of how each generation is motivated and how they want to be led. This information is pure gold! After the success of her first talk, “Closing the generation gap,” with our organization, we brought her in a second time to speak to “Generational Led Languages in the workplace.” Raven’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge invite the listener to join her on a journey through time and it’s a journey you don’t want to miss!

Director of Leadership //  Retail Leader

Wow! I love working with Raven.

Her excitement for the work she does shines through everything she touches. This month she facilitated a training session for People Ops leaders in the Durham startup community. We were all inspired by her style, her passion for diversity and inclusion and her data-based focused approach. She left us with 6 characteristics of an inclusive leader and practical ways to source and train for these characteristics. It was empowering! We can wait to have her back to train more people in our community.

Jessica Russell //  Director of People Ops | First.

It was an inspiring keynote on generational diversity

It opened my eyes to some perspectives. I was Initially skeptical, but as you went through the talk I could relate to a number of items and now I am a believer. 

Tata Rao //  Head of Integrated Data Services | Wells Fargo

Fabulous presentation at CompuCom today

I loved your energy and you commitment to facilitating very difficult conversations. It’s not a race it’s a journey, but we are one step further down the path thanks to your help. Thanks again.

Arthur Bailey  //  Sr. Director of Communications | CompuCom

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In her book, Leading Your Parents, Raven Solomon decodes complex workforce communication techniques, leadership styles, and management practices and breaks them down into 25 simple rules every young leader should follow. Each chapter focuses on requisite soft skills, including emotional intelligence, personal accountability, performance management, and presence, and gives readers specific, actionable next steps to become better leaders now and in the future.