Meet Raven Solomon

Helping Organizations Get Future-Ready by Understanding Generations, Racial Equity & Their Intersection

Meet Raven Solomon

Helping Organizations Get Future-Ready by Understanding Generations, Racial Equity & Their Intersection

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About Raven

RAVEN SOLOMON is a global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thought leader and nationally recognized keynote speaker who helps organizations get future-ready by understanding generations, racial equity, and their intersection. 

Raven's mission is simple-- to solve for racial inequity by breaking down generational and racial barriers in the workplace, replacing them with empathy and synergy that fosters productive working relationships, drives business results, and prepares organizations to compete in the not-so-distant future.

She is the author of the 2019 release Leading Your Parents: 25 Rules to Effective Multigenerational Leadership for Millennials and Gen Z, where she shares leadership principles and practical advice for young professionals seeking to transition into leadership positions in today’s diverse workplace, and the founder of the Charlotte-based Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development, a startup focused on providing soft-skill development to the leaders of tomorrow. In her spare time, Raven consults with Franklin Covey, the world leader in leadership development, in the area of unconscious bias.  

"If you aren’t already leveraging the diversity that currently exists within your workforce and workplace, sadly you are already behind."

Raven Solomon

Raven has helped tens of thousands, from podiums around the world, close the gaps inside of dozens of industry-leading companies, and create sustainable cultural change. She’s also consulted with household brands in the areas of generational diversity & inclusion and early talent development and retention.

As the valedictorian of her college graduating class and one of the youngest-ever executives in the Fortune 50 company with which she spent nearly a decade, she has always shown that her approach to leading and influencing people yields results.

My Story

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to change the world and that I'd one day have a platform from which to do it. For a while, I thought that platform would be leading a large business in Corporate America— particularly after graduating from the College of Management as valedictorian of my NC State graduating class. I was primed for the traditional route to the c-suite and was well on my way, fast-tracking my career to an executive-level role at just 28 years old, leading across all degrees of difference.

I'd overcome so many obstacles to arrive there, picking up critical diverse experiences along the way. Some of which I could have only dreamt of as a little Black girl raised by a single mother in the South. Finally, I was living the dream!

Then came the epilepsy diagnosis and it came crashing down.

I was faced with a choice— my health or my career. I chose the former, thankfully, and it ultimately led me here. To you. And to a platform of change bigger than I could have ever imagined. Not only do I get to lead and influence people, as I enjoyed so much in my corporate career, but I get to teach people to lead & influence people, and to do so inclusively. The exponential impact I get to have now helping companies all over the world create inclusion by embracing diversity and advancing equity brings my soul joy and fulfills my purpose. 

This is indeed the platform for change I knew would come as a young girl.

Thanks, epilepsy.

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Top 5 Reasons to Book Raven



Raven's content and presentation style are extremely effective at getting busy professionals to stop, listen, think, feel, and take action.

"No one leaves a Raven session without a list of notes, and a new sense of direction for addressing generational and racial diversity issues."




While Raven delivers high-energy presentations, it is just as important to her to bring good energy. Raven creates a learning environment that is safe and positive, yet provoking. Her insights and style spur thought, emotion, and action like no one else can.

"Raven relates to audiences in a way that is safe for people to lean into and engage. She is without question, one of the most amazing presenters I have had the pleasure to work with."




Raven uses a variety of tools to not only keep your audience's attention but to engage them in the creation of a co-learning environment that facilitates retention for optimal application. She tailors every presentation to your attendees’ specific industry needs.

"The 80 mins just blew by because Raven was so engaging and the topic on generational difference and the led language is key to moving teams forward!"




Having spent years leading diverse teams and developing leaders from all backgrounds, Raven has the professional skills, honed by experience, that qualify her to empathize with, influence and advise professionals at all levels of your organization. As a bilingual Millennial Woman of Color with a unique health challenge, Raven is also well acquainted with the experiences of minority communities inside and outside of your organization, making her easily relatable.

"I was initially skeptical, but as Raven went through the talk, I could relate to a number of items and now I am a believer!"




Raven is the consummate professional, who settles for nothing short of excellence. #TeamRaven has been handpicked and trained to deliver that same level of excellence from discovery to post-event engagement. Timely communication, tailored content, impactful delivery, and kudos from your boss are just a few things you can expect during and after your experience with #TeamRaven.

"After the event, my colleague and I both looked at one another and said, "We need to find us a Tee! (Raven's Business Manager)"


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