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March 16, 2020

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Strength Has A Sister

May 11, 2017

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Word of the Week reflects the greatest gift I think I received from my mother and grandmother, the two most influential women in my life, during their time on earth:




If you asked me to picture the word "strength", these two women would pop in my mind. They were two of the strongest women I know.


I can only recall seeing my mother cry three times in my 25 years spent with her. Despite the many trials she faced, time and time again she found the strength to overcome.  And boy did I admire that strength! So much so that I emulated it as a teenager and young woman.


When I loss my hair as a teenager and was bullied for it, I applied strength.


When I loss my grandmother to a heart attack as a high school senior, I applied strength.


When I loss my mother and father less than 30 days apart from one another, I applied strength.


Strength has gotten me through many tough times and I am sure it’ll get me through many more. However, we have a different relationship now, Strength and I.


To be honest, when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and loss my career—the very thing I threw myself into after losing my parents—I felt like my Strength had finally failed me. We were so close that when we, together, couldn’t get me through this one, I felt she’d abandoned me. She kind of did in a way. But now I can thank her for it.




Because I got to know her sister, Weakness. Yes,

Strength has a sister and her name is Weakness.

The two go hand-in-hand, almost like conjoined twins; you can’t have one without the other. I tried to ignore Weakness all my life because I truly thought she was evil and more of a nuisance than anything. I had no idea she was just as beautiful, just as valuable, and just as powerful. I never knew that embracing her could bring so much healing and freedom to my life. That she, too, could make me feel confident.


You see, acknowledging my Weakness actually made me feel stronger…. like a real human being, with hurts and scars and vulnerabilities and emotions and shortcomings and good days and bad days and in-between days. She reminded me that I, too, am human and that while Strength is awesome, knowing her is just as rewarding.


Through Weakness, I was able to see others’ love for me. She made room for others to show me love through their strength. God included. If you’re strong all of the time, when can people or God be strong for you? I think many of us are afraid to be vulnerable enough to allow that level of access to our hearts, but that’s a different blog post all together! My point is this—

Weakness introduces you to the strength in others. 

Just as you deserve to be weak, those around you deserve the opportunity to be strong… for you.


After my second seizure I lost my license for 6 months (standard procedure for your safety and the safety of the general public). I was sick all of the time due to the myriad of medications going in and out of my body. I needed to see many doctors and specialists for everything from back pain to emotional strain. I had literally been made weak. It was a forceful introduction to Weakness, if you will (lol).


But the outpour of love from friends, family, and coworkers was realized not through Strength, but Weakness. I knew then that I wasn’t alone and that I didn’t have to be strong ALL the time. It felt good to allow other people to be my strength, for a change. I needed someone to literally take me everywhere (public transportation doesn’t run where I live)! And through the support of my community, it happened.


I still love Strength. She’s my day one and a huge part of who I am. I am just grateful for the chance to meet Weakness, as I believe she’s the best teacher of the two.


I leave you with a challenge—embrace your weakness today… voluntarily! Don’t be like me and have to have a forceful meeting with her. There is so much pressure on both men and women to be strong all of the time but that’s just not possible. Sooner or later you two will have to meet, you and Weakness. I advise you to make it on your terms.


If there’s anything you remember from this post, know that


It's ok to be weak. 


You’ll actually find that it's just as effective as being strong. 




Your plug to Weakness

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