Young professionals entering the workforce today need to be prepared to lead not just their peers, but cross-generational teams of Gen Zers to Baby Boomers. The reality is college doesn’t teach the soft skills necessary to do it.


This book does.


In Leading Your Parents, Raven Solomon, an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and former executive manager who has dedicated her life to building and leading diverse teams, addresses those Millennial and Gen Z professionals and arms them with the leadership skills they need to hit the ground running.


Raven decodes complex workforce communication techniques, leadership styles, and management practices and breaks them down into 25 simple rules every young leader should follow. Each chapter focuses on requisite soft skills, including emotional intelligence, personal accountability, performance management, and presence, and gives readers specific, actionable next steps to become better leaders now and in the future. She speaks honestly to her readers, meeting them where they are and sharing the highs, lows, and learnings of her near-decade career as a star leader (and one of the youngest-ever executive-level managers) of a Fortune 50 company.


Email management, team building, personal branding, establishing accountability—Raven covers every aspect of the professional responsibility set. She combines motivational advice with practical guidelines and draws on industry statistics, published research, and case studies to illustrate her rules for effective multigenerational leadership. Her stories will resonate with readers and help them see that they, too, can overcome the obstacles that they will face as young leaders in a multigenerational environment and thrive.


Leading Your Parents is the must-have guide for today’s young leader looking to make an impact in an ever-more-diverse environment that demands not just IQ and dedication, but EQ and understanding.

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