Equip students with empowering tools to be leaders amongst their peers today & future leaders of our communities tomorrow


Learn proven strategies of effective leadership in professional environments that yield both company & personal results



Recharge passion and increase impact by challenging former models and learning new cross-generational tactics of leadership


The 5 Led Languages ©

Everyone has different things that float their boat. Some people like small boats, some like big. Some people like paddleboats, some like yachts. Some like individual contributor roles, some like large-scale leadership roles. As a leader, is it vital to understand not only what floats the boat of your uniquely different team members, but also how to float each boat so, that it covers the maximum amount of distance—yielding the maximum amount of results. In this presentation, experienced corporate leader, Raven Solomon, helps leaders do just that!


Attendees will learn:

  • The 5 Led Languages © and how to identify them within each their team members

  • How to effectively, and efficiently, communicate with their team using all 5 Led Languages 

  • How to motivate each Led Language to deliver maximum results


Best For: Young Professionals & Emerging Leaders, Experienced Leaders


Tags: Understanding People, Leading Different People, Effective Leaders, Psychology of Leadership

Leading Your Parents ©

Due primarily to the mass exodus of Baby Boomers in the workforce we expect to see in the coming years, mid-level managers and leaders are becoming younger and younger. After a 6-month training program, they are expected to step up, earn the respect of their team members, and deliver results just as quickly, if not quicker, than an industry vet. However, the reality is that these young leaders are guiding team members their parents’ age, which can be an uncomfortably intimidating task.


In this presentation, former sales executive and Millennial leader of multigenerational teams, Raven Solomon, will remove much of that anxiety by providing insights and proven strategies of multigenerational leadership.


Attendees will:

  • Learn the 5 keys to multigenerational leadership

  • Gain insight into other generations to increase empathy and cross-generational effectiveness

  • Learn how to overcome the negative stereotypes of Millennials and leverage them to their advantage


Best For: Students, Young Professional & Emerging Leaders


Tags:  Young Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Young Professionals, Multigenerational Leadership, Leadership Development

Can You Lead Change?

As the age-old saying goes, the only thing constant is change itself. In the fast-pace, ever-changing world we live in today, change is necessary for the success of any organization in any industry. Developing leaders capable of successfully leading teams through such change creates the competitive advantage every organization desires. In this presentation, Raven skillfully prepares young professionals to lead change, while challenging experienced leaders to redefine and rewire their ideals on change leadership. 


Attendees will learn:

  • 5 Characteristics of a Successful Change Leader

  • The difference between change management and change leadership

  • How to leverage the 5 Led Languages to sell change to teams


Best For: Young Professionals & Emerging Leaders, Experienced Leaders


Tags:  Change Leadership, Change Management, Change, Leadership Development

Am I A Leader?

What does it mean to be a leader? Are they born or are they made? Am I a leader? How do I know?


In this presentation, Raven really simplifies the concept of leadership, helping students understand what it takes to be a leader and identify how to get there. She confronts current societal myths head-on and enlightens students of how they blur their vision, as it relates to leadership. (Number 1 Myth: # of social media followers = level of influence)


Attendees will learn:

  • The 7 traits of a successful leader

  • 4 Ways to demonstrate leadership now, in school and young adult life

  • How to see beyond societal myths/pressures and become a leader


Best For: Students


Tags:  Student Leadership, Defining Leadership, Understanding Leadership, Leadership Development

There are too many important topics on leadership to list and capture in a short list of presentations. Above are just a few of the key topics Raven is qualified to deliver to your group of Students, Young Professionals, and Emerging or Experienced Leaders.


If none of the above mesh well with your event or theme, please contact us! We would be glad to discuss building a custom presentation specifically for your event!



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