If you are looking for a dynamic, empowering speaker to inspire your group of potential Thrivers, search no further. Raven’s personal mission is to empower people, from all walks of life, to overcome obstacles and thrive. Her life story is a prime example of thriving and she inspires thousands to do the same by sharing powerful messages of inspiration that include stories, quotes, games, clips, songs, and so much more.


Many might ask why Raven calls herself an Inspirational Speaker versus a Motivational Speaker. While her messages are inherently motivating, Raven operates on the basis that we, as people, are motivated to do something; we are inspired to be something. Raven’s objective is to inspire millions to be something…to be someone…to be Thrivers.


While her messages are truly universal and can apply to anyone, there are 3 key groups that tend to request Raven’s services by virtue of her age, gender, ethnicity and experience.


Inspire Students to be “cool nerds”—confident, scholarly, well-rounded contributors to society


Inspire Young Professionals & Emerging leaders to excel as bold, worthy thought leaders, in spite of setbacks


Inspire members of Minority Groups to transcend stereotypes, surpass limitations & pioneer change

sPEAking topics

Abandonment. Poverty. Illness. Bullying. Addiction. Low self-esteem.


How many of our children and youth face such challenges today in their short little lives? Probably more than we dare imagine. Raven has experienced each of these obstacles up close and in person as a child and teenager. Yet she overcame them one-by-one and thrives in spite of them today. The details of her adolescent years are captivating and honestly, hard to believe when watching the powerful woman you’ll see delivering them today.


The obstacles she has faced taught her a lot and in this presentation, she shares some of those lessons and tactics for overcoming. After hearing Raven's story, and understanding the practical principles that stemmed from it, attendees will leave this presentation:

  • Inspired & equipped to overcome any obstacle in their path

  • Moved to consider the experiences of those around them when making decisions

  • With a heartfelt desire to change the world


Best For: Students


Tags : Inspiration for Children, Inspiration for Teens, Inspiration for Parents, Self-esteem, Bullying, Poverty

Raven’s Adult (18+) Story of Inspiration

Grief. Illness. Loss. Overwhelming Stress. Loneliness. Depression. Weight of the World. Career Change.


How many of us have experienced any of these challenges in our lives thus far? If we haven’t yet, the likelihood that we will is certain. Where do we get our advice for those times? Our will to press through? Our assurance that we’ll win? What do we do if we are in the midst of one of those challenges right now?


The gravity of some of the obstacles Raven has experienced in her adult life has made her an expert at inspiring people to overcome and thrive in the face of adversity. The detailed stories she shares in this presentation are not just moving, but empowering— as she too shares the applicable lessons learned throughout her journey thus far. 


Attendees will leave this presentation with:

  • A lifted countenance to continue the journey

  • A renewed confidence to defeat the giants in their lives

  • An appreciation for the journey, not just the destination

  • 4 things to apply now while overcoming personal adversity


Best For: ALL


Tags : Inspiration for Adults, Overcoming Grief, Business Inspiration, Battling Epilepsy

Raven’s Childhood (0-18 yrs old) Story of Inspiration

Find Your Purpose

Obstacles add value to our lives and often lead us to deeper understanding of our life’s purpose. But what if you haven’t had life-altering obstacles? Even if you have, how do you interpret their significance in your life? And what value do they add to your actual job?


In today’s generation, meaningless work is becoming less attractive by the minute. People want to do authentically meaningful work that contributes to a better world and aligns with the passion within. So, how does one “find their purpose,” and further, translate it into a career that pays the bills?


In this inspiring message, Raven shares how her obstacles have led to the discovery of her purpose and helps attendees understand:

  • How their life obstacles might reflect their life’s purpose

  • 4 key collective methods to discover their purpose 

  • How to identify careers that align with their purpose


Best For: ALL!


Tags: Purpose, Destiny, Meaningful Life, Career Change

Who Taught You How to Thrive?

Obstacles occur in every area of our lives. Business obstacles, personal obstacles, familiar obstacles, etc. all have the same power to do only 1 of 2 things—deter you or propel you. In this message, Raven speaks on the value of obstacles and how to leverage them to become better versions of ourselves. She talks about how her personal obstacles have shaped the person that she is, to achieve the accomplishments that she has. Raven teaches you how to thrive, in the face of any and every obstacle that can, and will, come your way.


In this message, Raven shares with attendees:

  • The 5 Characteristics of a Thriver

  • How to see your obstacles as value-contributors to your life

  • How to thrive in the face of adversity


Who taught you how to thrive? We want the answer to that question to be Raven Solomon!


Best For: ALL!


Tags: Perseverance, Overcoming obstacles, Adversity, Hardship, Winning, Business obstacles, Resilience

Swing Already!

How long have you been preparing for the perfect time to take a leap of faith? Maybe your leap is starting your own business. Maybe it’s a career change. Maybe it’s embarking upon a relationship with someone. The truth is taking a leap of any kind, regardless of experience, can be scary. Sometimes it’s so scary that we never, in fact, leap.


There’s a saying that goes, “the one place filled with the most potential is the graveyard.” Will your dreams and purpose be buried with you when that inevitable day comes? In this presentation, Raven lights the fire necessary in attendees to ensure that doesn’t happen.


At the end, when it comes to taking a leap of faith, attendees will leave:

  • Empowered and believing they can

  • Invigorated and believing they will

  • Clear and believing they know how


Best For: ALL, except Students


Tags: Leap of Faith, Determination, Guts, Overcoming Fear, Life Change

The topics of inspirational messages are literally endless. Above are just a few of the key topics Raven’s inspiring experiences equip her to deliver to your group of Students, Young Professionals, and Emerging or Experienced Leaders.


If none of the above mesh well with your event or theme, please contact us! We would be glad to discuss writing a custom message specifically for your event!



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