Access to coaching and proven strategies for building successful, fast-track careers in Corporate America


Receive Millennial guidance, tactics, and information derived from experience and data to best leverage Millennial talent & yield maximum results



60 min | $75


Are you a Millennial struggling to conform to corporate culture? Are you having a hard time understanding the other generations you’ve been asked to lead or work with? Tired of them misunderstanding you? Or maybe you’re just looking for some tips on accelerating your career or strengthening your leadership skills?


If any of the above apply, this private coaching with Raven is for you! Receive proven guidance from someone who can relate to you, but has also been where you want to be.


60 min | $75


Do you lead Millennials and find yourself frustrated and perplexed more often than not? Do you wish you understood them better in order to lead them more effectively? Are you having a hard time motivating them or getting them to see the business as you do?


If so, you’re a great candidate for Reverse Mentoring with Raven! In these one-on-one sessions, Raven provides a 20/20 lens into the ways and culture of Millennials, data-driven strategies on how to reach them, and specific coaching on the unique situations you’re  experiencing real time. Social Media Training included!




Are you a part of or manage a multigenerational team and desire a greater level of empathy for increased effectiveness? Would you like to see your team utilize the unique attributes of one another and perform at its highest level?


Sounds like you could use some Team Training that creates cross-generational synergy and teaches teams how to leverage generational differences in order to maximize team productivity. This training is highly interactive and informative for all generations. Every team member will walk away enlightened.


Perfect for groups <50




Raven has prepared a dynamic keynote presentation that takes us into the multigenerational workplace and world we live today. The material delves deep into the value systems, motivators, and stereotypes of each generation, teaching attendees how to better understand, thus leverage the value in difference. This presentation is engaging, humorous and informative.


Perfect for groups >100


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