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Due primarily to the mass exodus of Baby Boomers in the workforce we expect to see in the coming years, mid-level managers and leaders are becoming younger and younger. After a 6-month training program, they are expected to step up, earn the respect of their team members, and deliver results just as quickly, if not quicker, than an industry vet. However, the reality is that these young leaders are guiding team members their parents’ age, which can be an uncomfortably intimidating task.


In this presentation, former sales executive and Millennial leader of multigenerational teams, Raven Solomon, will remove much of that anxiety by providing insights and proven strategies of multigenerational leadership, as covered in her new book Leading Your Parents: 25 Rules of Effective Multigenerational Leadership for Millennials & Gen Z.





During this presentation, attendees will: 

  • Learn the 3 keys to multigenerational leadership and the top 2 rules that accompany those keys

  • Gain insight into other generations to increase empathy and cross-generational effectiveness

  • Learn how to overcome the negative stereotypes of Millennials & Gen Z and leverage them to their advantage



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closing the generational gap

For the first time in history, there are 4, in some cases 5, generations working alongside one another in the workplace. Differences across generations can create frustration, breakdowns in communication, and decreased productivity. This unique and highly engaging keynote is designed to engage every attendee as they learn about the differences and similarities across the 5 generations in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create cross-generational synergy that drives competitive advantage. 

Attendees will walk away understanding the general characteristics of each generation, why these characteristics are as they are, how each generation learns and how they tend to show up at work.



During this presentation, attendees will:

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of generational characteristics and why each are the way they are

  • Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with members of different generations

  • Acquire new insights on how each generation prefers to be managed in the workplace

  • Appreciate generational diversity as an organizational strength


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understanding & motivating gen z

As if the workplace wasn’t complex enough with 4 generations working alongside one another, a new generation is emerging that is much different than its predecessors and is shaking up the way we hire, engage and retain talent—Gen Z. The tech-native generation is now the largest percentage of the U.S. population and is coming whether we’re ready or not! In order to stay competitive, we must not only position ourselves to recruit the top talent of this generation, but educate ourselves on how to retain them and fully leverage their skillsets. 

In this keynote, we will explore all of what we know about Gen Z so far relating to their behaviors, preferences, and interactions. We’ll spend a good amount of time differentiating Gen Z from Millennials and discussing the keys points of contrast between the two youngest generations in the workforce. 

Lastly, we will discuss employing and leading Gen Z. How should you motivate and engage them? How do you best communicate with them? What do they look for most in employers? This session will answer all of those questions and more. As the age-old saying goes, the only thing constant is change itself. In the fast-pace, ever-changing world we live in today, change is necessary for the success of any organization in any industry. Developing leaders capable of successfully leading teams through such change creates the competitive advantage every organization desires. In this presentation, Raven skillfully prepares young professionals to lead change, while challenging experienced leaders to redefine and rewire their ideals on change leadership. 


During this presentation, attendees will:

  • Key differences between Gen Z and other generations, particularly Millennials

  • In-depth knowledge of Generation Z’s tendencies, behaviors and interactions with various stimuli

  • How to motivate, engage and effectively communicate with Gen Z

  • What Gen Z is looking for in employment


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Driving results

Business is very similar to Nascar. In racing cars, it’s very important that your car drives faster than anyone else’s because it determines whether you win or a loss. In purposeful business, however, driving faster than anyone else can mean much more than a win or a loss. It can mean life implications for those who report to you and/or those you serve. 


In this highly interactive keynote, Raven recounts a conversation about performance with her good friend and former Nascar Mechanic, Ashley Parlett, and relates the 4 most important components to winning in Nascar to winning in your particular business/industry. She then leads a series of group discussions that facilitate best practice and knowledge sharing, leading to accelerated results. 


This is not your traditional keynote speech in which one person does all of the talking. Raven talks, engages and inspires, and your group does as well. It is highly interactive. 





After this keynote, attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of the four components that drive business results- teamwork, training, technology, and toughness

  • Best practices from industry peers around each of these components to accelerate performance

  • A list of reflection questions to refer to when looking to accelerate results on the spot

  • A passion and reinvigoration to implement learnings to drive results


Tags:  Business results, business impact, high interaction

how to find purpose- in life & work

Finding purpose or meaning in your work was once a nice-to-have for most professionals. Not anymore. Not to Generation Z. Generally speaking, Gen Z (and most Millennials) are unwavering on their standard to go to work and feel like they are impacting something greater, for better. In fact, 75% of Generation Z says that work should have a greater meaning than just bringing home the bacon. Said differently, they seek purposeful and purpose-filled roles within companies who live out their values and demonstrate commitment to some social purpose.

In this keynote address, Raven helps Gen Z and Millennial attendees differentiate between finding one's life purpose and finding purpose in work. She then teaches attendees how to begin to find both through sharing parts of her personal journey to discovering purpose, introducing two proven models to spark a journey of their own, articulating the company's purpose and detailing specific ways to connect their personal purpose to that of the company.

This keynote is highly interactive and consists of lots of audience reflection and discussion.





After this keynote, attendees will leave with:

  • Be able to clearly articulate the company's purpose

  • Discover the 3 keys to finding purpose in work and 3 turnkey ways to do so within the company

  • Understand two unique models used to begin discovering one's life purpose

  • Learn the distinction between purpose in life and purpose in work


Tags:  Purpose, Meaning

There are too many important topics on leadership to list and capture in a short list of presentations. Above are just a few of the key topics Raven is qualified to deliver to your group of Students, Young Professionals, and Emerging or Experienced Leaders.


If none of the above mesh well with your event or theme, please contact us! We would be glad to discuss building a custom presentation specifically for your event!



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