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Due primarily to the mass exodus of Baby Boomers in the workforce we expect to see in the coming years, mid-level managers and leaders are becoming younger and younger. After a 6-month training program, they are expected to step up, earn the respect of their team members, and deliver results just as quickly, if not quicker, than an industry vet. However, the reality is that these young leaders are guiding team members their parents’ age, which can be an uncomfortably intimidating task.


In this presentation, former sales executive and Millennial leader of multigenerational teams, Raven Solomon, will remove much of that anxiety by providing insights and proven strategies of multigenerational leadership, as covered in her new book Leading Your Parents: 25 Rules of Effective Multigenerational Leadership for Millennials & Gen Z.





During this presentation, attendees will: 

  • Learn the 3 keys to multigenerational leadership and the top 2 rules that accompany those keys

  • Gain insight into other generations to increase empathy and cross-generational effectiveness

  • Learn how to overcome the negative stereotypes of Millennials & Gen Z and leverage them to their advantage



Tags : Multigenerational leadership, Generations, Millennials, Gen Z, 


Obstacles add value to our lives and often lead us to deeper understanding of our life’s purpose. But what if you haven’t had life-altering obstacles? Even if you have, how do you interpret their significance in your life? And what value do they add to your actual job or career path?


In today’s generation, meaningless work is becoming less attractive by the minute. People want to do authentically meaningful work that contributes to a better world and aligns with the passion within. So, how does one “find their purpose,” and further, translate it into a career that pays the bills?


In this inspiring message, Raven shares how her obstacles have led to the discovery of her purpose and provides a roadmap for attendees to begin discovering their own. 




During this presentation attendees will:

  • Discover how their life obstacles might reflect their life’s purpose

  • Learn 4 key collective methods to discover their purpose 

  • Understand how to identify careers that strategically align with their purpose


Tags : Resilience, Orientation, Purpose, Meaning

Leading your parents

the value of you

Each one of us has a unique past. A special story to tell. A peculiar set of experiences that shape who we are, making us different than the one beside us. We each, therefore, inherently bring something different to every table we pull a chair under. The table in the boardroom, the table in the classroom and the table in the dining room.


What if I told you that, no matter those experiences, they all add value to every one of those tables? They are worth something and learning to asses and articulate the value of those experiences is vital to a gratifying success.


In this keynote address, Raven shares some of the most difficult, yet defining, moments in her life and how accepting- then sharing- those experiences led to some of her greatest triumphs. Through her own story, she provides a road map for attendees to move from experience to effective storytelling using the 4 A’s:


Accept     |     Assess     |     Align     |     Articulate





After this keynote, attendees will leave with:

  • A framework for taking experiences and creating relevant stories

  • An understanding of the value of diversity in the workplace and life

  • Affirmation of their own life’s experiences

  • An increased confidence in who they are

  • An understanding of how to leverage your unique story to effectively compete in the workplace



Tags: Diversity, Inclusion, D&I, Storytelling

the 6 traits of inclusive leaders

A new leadership capability is emerging, in businesses, on campuses, and across communities. One that will be vital to the success of our organizations, schools, and neighborhoods in years to come, as our population grows more and more diverse. 


The U.S. is already more diverse than ever and the trend will only continue. Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation of our time, and by 2045, the U.S. will be "minority white." What we do to prepare ourselves now for leading today, five years from now, ten years from now and so on, may make the difference between success or failure. Winning or losing. Retention or attrition.


In this keynote, Raven introduces attendees to six signature traits of inclusive leadership-- cognizance, curiosity, cultural intelligence, collaboration, commitment, and courage. She starts by explaining the difference between diversity and inclusion and demonstrating the value of both through real-life examples and audience interaction. 


She then covers each trait one by one, providing attendees with concrete examples relevant to their positions. Raven is not your average keynote presenter so here, she works in moments of reflection and small group discussion amongst attendees. 



After this keynotes, attendees will leave with:

  • A strong understanding of the difference between diversity and inclusion

  • A framework and common language to use around inclusion

  • A clear understanding of the six signature traits of inclusive leadership

  • Reimagined, real-life ways to be an inclusive leader on campus


Tags: Diversity, Inclusion, D&I, Inclusive leadership, Leadership

The topics of inspirational messages are literally endless. Above are just a few of the key topics Raven’s inspiring experiences equip her to deliver to your group of Students, Young Professionals, and Emerging or Experienced Leaders.


If none of the above mesh well with your event or theme, please contact us! We would be glad to discuss writing a custom message specifically for your event!



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