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Multigenerational Leadership Expert

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 Helping companies develop multigenerational leaders and leverage generational difference



Raven is a national keynote speaker, author and Multigenerational Leadership Expert who delivers insightful, impactful and engaging keynote presentations and workshops on the topics of multigenerational leadership and generational dynamics in the workplace. Her objective is to break down generational barriers and complexities in the workplace and create synergy across generations that foster productive working relationships, drive business results and enhance inclusive company culture.

Raven is a former sales executive who cracked the code early on leading intergenerational teams in the workplace, becoming one of the youngest executives in the Fortune 50 with which she spent nearly a decade. She is now on a mission to help others do the same.





Raven's keynote presentations are about generational dynamics in the workplace and multigenerational leadership. 

Increase understanding of the generations and learn techniques to communicate, manage and work with all 5 generations to increase team and individual effectiveness

Closing the Generational Gap

Learn key insights and proven strategies for leading a multigenerational team as a young Millennial or Gen Z leader from Raven's latest book

Leading Your


Acquire in-depth knowledge of Gen Z's behaviors, tendencies & preferences. Learn key differences between Millennials & Gen Z regarding engagement, motivation, and more.

Understanding & Motivating Gen Z



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